Whats allowed in mormon sex

I do want to get married one day in the temple but honestly I believe what happens in the bedroom should be up to the husband and wife. What makes them happy is between them.. I'm a new convert also. My understanding is that in the past there were issues related to what married couples do BUT the church has decided that what a couple does is between them as long as BOTH are in agreement! You might still find comments in older documents and stories about some leaders asking pointed questions but I think that the bottom line is that it is between husband and wife as it should be. The Church does provide principles
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Mormon Church must end children's sexual interviews, members say

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Sex.. what's allowed? - Marriage and Relationship Advice - ThirdHour

PIP: Mormons, who have the highest birth rates in the US, have unique childbearing attitudes and practices that should be understood by the health care practitioners who work with this population. Family life is the basic unit of the religion, with women expected to serve as childbearers while men preside over the family and provide for the physical and spiritual needs of the children. Both premarital sex and adultery are prohibited, and marriage below the age of 18 years is rare. In keeping with the Mormon belief that heaven is full of millions of spirits awaiting an earthly body, birth control and abortion are also forbidden. Since the female body is regarded as the tabernacle of the spirit and the residence of God's spirit children, a high priority is given to prenatal care.
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Interesting Facts About Mormon Sex Lives & Beliefs

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. This article explains how Mormons lead their lives in a way that they believe will be pleasing to God. That man [or woman] who resists temptation and lives without sin is far better off than the man [or woman] who has fallen, no matter how repentant the latter may be. The thirteenth Article of Faith says, "We believe in being honest".
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It is ordained of God for the creation of children and for the expression of love within marriage. According to the LDS Church's official website , whether or not to use birth control is completely up to the couple. Contrary to the popular notion that Mormons are encouraged to have big families by their Church, the decision of how many children to have is "a private matter for the husband and wife. Parents are advised by the Church to teach their adolescent kids that masturbation is a sin and that they don't have to do it, despite what their bodies are telling them.
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